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Are there any rules other than AKC's that apply to shows?
Yes. Additional Rules that apply to the show are posted in the Premium List.

Does AKC consider breaking these rules the same as breaking their rules?

I have a title from another country for my dog. Can I use that in a show catalog?
No. Only AKC-issued titles can be used in a show catalog.

What do I have to do after my dog gets the necessary points to get my Championship Certificate?
AKC automatically tabulates the points for your dog, and when requirements are met they will send your certificate.

While I am waiting for my championship certificate, can I start putting ìCHî on my entries?
No. You can enter in BOB competition, but have to wait for confirmation from AKC before using the ìCHî prefix.

Does the 12 to 18 month class qualify for a puppy break on entry fees?
No. The 12 to 18 month class is not a puppy class.

What is the difference between excused and disqualified?
You can be excused any number of times for a variety of reasons. However, a breed disqualification on three occasions makes your dog ineligible for future breed competition. In the case of a vicious dog disqualification, it only takes one time for your dog to be ineligible for all competition.

Can a dog that has been disqualified under breed standards still be used for Junior Showmanship Competition?
Yes, as long as it is eligible to compete in obedience.

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