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*Bluebonnet Poodle Club

Boston Terrier Club of Louisiana

*Bulldog Club of Denver

*Bulldog Club of Northern California 

Cascade Schipperke Club

Chicagoland Bichon Frises Club

Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Gr. Houston

Chow Chow Fanciers of Atlanta

Clumberland Valley Dalmatian Club

Columbia Poodle Club

Creole Poodle Club Of New Orleans

Dalmatian Organization of Houston

French Bulldog Club of Dallas

Greater Denver Dalmatian Club

Greater Houston Boston Terrier Club

Greater Tulsa Non-Sporting Dog Club

Greater Twin Cities Chow Chow Club

*Greater Twin Cities Dalmatian Club

*Hawkeye Boston Terrier Club

Heart of America Keeshond Club

Heart of America Poodle Club

Heartland Boston Terrier Club

Heartland Dalmatian Club of Kansas City

Lone Star Poodle Club

Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club

North Texas Non-Sporting Association

Saint Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club

Music City Bulldog Club

Mt. Hood Dalmatian Club

North Texas Chow Chow Club, Inc.

Oklahoma City Boston Terrier Club

Orlando Poodle Club

Pacific Crest Keeshond Club

Poodle Club of Greater Louisville

Poodle Club of Las Vegas

Poodle Club of Oklahoma City

*The Poodle Club of San Antonio

Puget Sound Poodle Club

Southwest Oregon Bulldog Club

Star of the North Chinese Shar-Pei Club

Twin Cities Poodle Club

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